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We are a family owned business, creating hand forged hunting knives, river craft and kayaks all custom made to fit you with a variety of skins, oars and paddles, handmade soap, salt scrubs, sugar srubs, bath salts, greeting and holiday cards, wildlife, flowers, and birds cards.

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I'm a crafty girl. i make things. lots of things. i'll keep making things until my fingers fall off. then i'll grab my hot glue gun, reattach those suckers & make more things.


One of our skin on frame kayaks. They are made to fit you. We make custom cedar paddles and paddles constructed of other materials which can be made to your desired length.

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River Boats of all types and styles

Hand Cut Art Cards

Custom Knives

The Forge

for any occasion

Paddles too

Natural Scented Soaps

Handles & Sheaths


In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations.